The Not-So-Sweet Beginning

Why We Started Beekeeping

We’ve had this dream for a while now. After I really dove head first into the world of sustainability and climate change, I realized how much work needs to be done. Jovany, of course, was right there with me and both of us felt a passion for a small insect that probably made the largest impact of any bug and is currently in big trouble; the honey bee. Honey bee populations have been declining more and more as the years pass for many reasons unknown, but most reasons are very clear. Humans are changing our environment and habitat faster than we can say “Look a new Walmart!” By using harsh chemicals, putting honey bees under stress, removing native and flowering plants, we have successfully put the honey bee (and ourselves) in danger.

If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years. -Ernest A. Fortin Click to Tweet

Pollinators contribute 29 billion dollars to the economy and honey bees account for over 16 billion of those dollars. Without honey bees we would not be able to grow 90 commercial crops in North America alone. However, we’re seeing huge declines in all types of pollinators, from the Monarch to the beloved honey bee. Without pollinators, our grocery stores and farmers markets will look extremely different and cause a food security crisis.

Beekeepers checking a honey bee hive with blue sky
Checking Beehives on a beautiful day.

This is why we became beekeepers and started Palm Pike. After receiving our first hive in December 2016, we began to learn just how amazing and complex honey bees are, which made us appreciate them even more. The issues honey bees face are problems for all of us and so we hope to shed light on how we can help them. If we lose more pollinators, we will lose much more than a few insects. We will lose food, farm land, and even more natural habitats that all help the environment and our society. Palm Pike showcases our interests of beekeeping, the outdoors, and helping the environment. We hope to share our experiences as we learn and grow so you can learn and grow with us. Together we can really make a difference and we plan on showing you that anything is possible when you’re this one sweet life.

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