Gifts for Beekeepers

15 Gifts for the Beekeepers in Your Family

The holiday season has arrived! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. However, sometimes buying gifts for loved ones can be difficult as the years pass. It's especially difficult thinking of gifts for beekeepers!

Personally, I try to only purchase very meaningful gifts or a gift that will be used often for members of my family. This way I am not just buying a gift that will be thrown away in a few years.

Gifts for Beekeepers

With this in mind, I've created a list of the top 15 gifts for beekeepers (or soon to be beekeeper) in your family! This list contains items that your special beekeeper will definitely find useful or they will absolutely love and enjoy for years to come.

All of these items come from Amazon so you know you'll get them quickly. They also contain affiliate links, so when you purchase something from each link, I am compensated for a small amount. This helps support our mission of providing educational posts for people who want to pursue gardening or beekeeping!

Top 15 Gifts for Beekeepers

  1. The Beekeeper's Handbook

This is my holy grail book. I find myself going back to this book over and over again. It is filled with so much useful information, both for the beekeeper and the more experienced beekeeper. The Beekeeper's Handbook is the most perfect gift for any beekeeper in the family.

2. Solitary Bee Hotel

A bee hotel for the bee lover in your family! Solitary bees (which happen to be our native bees) require a special home to lay eggs into. This bee hotel is the perfect gift for the person in your family who wants to attract more native bees to their yard.

3. Skep Christmas Ornament

In case your bee lover wants to incorporate more of their hobby onto their Christmas tree, this is a very cute and thoughtful gift. A beautiful glass ornament of a skep beehive! It's also very affordable.

4. Buzz

Another great book for the bee lover. The book "Buzz" by Thor Hanson talks about the history of bees and beekeeping while discussing why they're such an important part of our world. It's the perfect book for anyone interested in the history of bees.

5. Beekeeping Supplies Kit

Get the beekeeper in your life an entire kit of necessary beekeeping supplies! Equipped with a smoker, brush, hive tool, and honey processing tools, this is the perfect kit for any beginner beekeeper.

6. Flow Hive

This is a popular choice for the backyard beekeeper. I've never used it but it's an easy way to extract honey without the mess of a centrifuge or crush and strain method.

7. Vintage Bee Diagram

A great gift for anyone in the family who enjoy vintage scientific drawings! I absolutely love the old school science books, and this drawing is a beautiful one. It's 11" x 14" so not too big and not too small! It's also under $15!

8. Honey Refractometer

A refractometer is a wonderful device that helps beekeepers keep track of how much moisture is in their honey. This is vital because it ensures that your honey will last a long time! It's also very affordable.

9. The Beekeeper's Bible

This is another great book that contains not only a lot of educational material but also recipes and tutorials for all things bees. It contains information on beeswax candles, salves, honey recipes, soap recipes, and even propolis recipes!

10. Beekeeper Barbie

When Barbie came out with this beekeeper edition toy, I think every single female beekeeper did a happy dance. This is a perfect gift for that wonderful queen bee in your life.

11. Vintage Native Bee Art

I'm a huge sucker for vintage art and I'm pretty obsessed with this native bee poster! It's a vintage, scientific style poster showcasing bumblebees and sweat bees.

12. Alex and Ani Queen Bee Bracelet

Here's another great gift for the queen bee in your life (or yourself). This Alex and Ani bracelet showcases a beautiful queen bee. The best part is that 20% of each sale goes towards Habitat for Humanity!

13. Beekeeping for Dummies

This is the perfect gift for the beginner beekeeper. It goes over what needs to be done during your first year of beekeeping. It's also very affordable!

14. Cavallini Papers Vintage Bees + Honey Poster

Another beautiful vintage poster! This one showcases everything about bees and honey.

15. Stone Honey Pot

And last but not least, a beautiful stone honey pot with wooden top and honey dipper! Out of all the gifts for beekeepers on this life, this is my favorite! This a beautiful addition to any kitchen and very practical for those who want honey readily available.

If you think none of these gifts will woo the beekeeper in your life, dedicating a day or two to help them is another great gift I think every beekeeper appreciates. Beekeeping is fun but it also requires a lot of hard work and time! Help out your beekeeper!

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

Gifts for Beekeepers
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