Palm Pike was founded with the environment in mind. From the coastal palms of South Florida to the mountain pikes of the Appalachians and beyond, we want to promote and protect a life of meaning outside the box. We started as beekeepers passionate about saving bees and have since branched out into growing cut flowers. We want to share how to live a meaningful life while minimizing the impact on our environment.


Founded by Jovany Rodriguez and Tasha Trujillo, we are utterly obsessed with the outdoors. Our love for bees started in 2015 when Tasha first learned about the declining bee population while studying Sustainability at Florida International University. Jovany, of course, was completely on board with becoming beekeepers and without him, we wouldn’t have gotten our first hive in 2016! After 5 years in the beekeeping industry, Tasha became burned out and decided to try growing cut flowers on our bee yard. She fell so in love with flower farming, she decided to pivot and sell our bee operation. After 2 years of growing in Miami, we decided to uproot our lives and move to York, SC which is just 50 minutes from Charlotte, NC. We now have 5 acres to grow our farm and lives on! We're building out our farm here and hope to get back into beekeeping while still growing high quality flowers and herbs.


As a sustainable farm, we are committed to doing our best to make sure our operation has the least impact on the environment. Our flowers are grown using organic, regenerative, and bee friendly practices so we can provide a beautiful habitat for all pollinators. Long term, our plan is to transform our farm into a sanctuary for pollinators and wildlife while still growing cut flowers and herbs for the community.